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DAIKIN Custom Air Handlers

2014 August Daikin McQuay AHUDemanding HVAC air handler applications often call for turn-key solutions that can only be made by an experienced custom air handler manufacturer of quality equipment. At Daikin, we’re pros at building and delivering one-of-a-kind products, systems, and solutions that can help you achieve extra-ordinary results.

Daikin Custom Air Handlers incorporate a wide variety of options and unique two inch variable dimensioning to provide the ultimate in design flexibility and turn-key solutions for increased filtration applications. With the ability to attain a maximum of Class 6 leakage, our Custom Air Handler units can be customized for use in healthcare facilities, clean rooms or labs.

  • Low leakage construction with up to +/-8″ of internal static pressure
  • Dual direct drive plenum fans, fan array, and energy recovery sections for greater operating efficiency
  • Modular platform, 2-inch Variable Dimensioning™, multiple component options, and unlimited configurations for increased flexibility
  • Extensive coil selections including cooling, heating, steam and evaporator coils with extended connections and gasketed seals
  • Advanced filtration with HEPA, PCO, gas phase, and low pressure filters
  • Higher indoor air quality using ultra-violet lights, stainless steel drain pan, and anti-microbial liner options
  • Energy recovery selections including fixed plate heat exchanger and energy recovery wheel(s)
  • Easy maintenance via access and service vestibules, inward swinging doors, and inside door handles