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About Us

We strive to be the most responsive and technically accurate HVAC equipment business in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We are a company committed to integrity, dependability, flexibility, and above all, professionalism. We place our customers’ needs, sound engineering practices, and technical competence at the top of our list. We believe we must earn our customers’ trust by providing the best possible service.

TES employees work together to understand our customers’ needs, and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our customers demand us to be experts in HVAC equipment and service. Our goal is to be just that.

SINCE 1957

Thermal Equipment Sales, Inc. has been serving the HVAC equipment needs of Kentucky and Southern Indiana for over 50 years.

Created in 1957 as Kentucky Univent, the company changed names to Thermal Equipment Sales, Inc when incorporated in 1962.

Herb Spencer and Bill Bradford owned Thermal Equipment Sales, Inc. for many years. In the early 1980’s Thermal Balance was started and would later be spun off. In the mid 1980’s, Herb and Bill parted ways. Herb retained Thermal Equipment Sales, Inc. and Bill started MBH Equipment in 1985. In 1992, Herb opened the Louisville sales office, hiring Paul Mattingly II as the first Louisville salesman.

In 1999, Dan Adams joined the TES Team, coming with years of HVAC experience, both in contracting and sales (York). Paul Mattingly II and Dan Adams bought the company from Herb Spencer in November of 1999. At that time there were 14 persons employed at TES. The next years saw the opening of a new office in Paducah, the growth of the firm to over 60 persons, and the opening of Parts Centers in Lexington, Louisville, and Paducah.

Although Thermal Equipment Sales, Inc has evolved over the years, we have kept the simple philosophy of the company the same:

Provide top quality service and equipment to our customers!